Allergy UK Approves NAROO for Allergy Friendly Product Award

We started NAROO because we listened. We listened to the needs of sports people who were looking for ways to deal with things like pollen, pollution, and heat/cold. The more we listened, the more we resolved to become the world’s leading innovator and authority on innovative breathing solutions that support and protect your breathing.

When we began in 2002, we saw that sports people needed something that didn’t exist. From start to finish, we focused not only on developing technology to address athletes’ needs, but to create product that is safe. To this day, we seek testing to ensure the quality of the product that we offer as breathing solutions.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce that we are recipients of the Allergy UK Friendly Product Award for our entire filtering F-Series. Based on expert opinion, each product in the series is approved by Allergy UK as suitable for use as part of an allergen management plan and unlikely to cause a reaction. It also may be of benefit for allergy sufferers.

There are an estimated 21 million people living with allergic disease in the UK. Allergy UK’s mission is “to raise the profile of allergy at all levels, with a vision for everyone affected by allergy to receive the best possible care and support.” They are the leading national patient charity for people living with all types of allergy.

NAROO aligns with Allergy UK’s vision of helping people living with allergy. We want to help people with allergy continue to do head outdoors and perform their activities and sports during pollen season. Breathing is the foundation. Let NAROO help you breathe freely and perform your best.