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Founded in 2002, NAROO aims to help people happily pursue professional and leisure sport activities. We are always striving to solve problems related to breathing when exercising, caused by inadequate environments such as pollution, fine dust, pollen, ultraviolet rays and cold weather. NAROO is a pioneer in the field of sports masks, consistently studying breathing and developing innovative technological masks.

NAROO’s slogan, “FREE TO BREATHE” is based on our research of real customers. Having listened to many experiences and opinions, we know just what you need to breathe freely. Through this research we are continuously developing high performance sports masks for both professional sports and daily leisure activities. 

NAROO’s goal is to provide a comfortable and breathable mask that gives you the freedom to exercise in any conditions. Since launching our first product in 2002, NAROO has developed masks for athletes in a variety of sports sectors such as: running, motorcycling, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, golfing, horseriding, trekking, sailing, fishing and hunting. Sports people from more than 20 countries are breathing easier with NAROO.