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N2 – Ultra Light Breathable Airflow Mesh Cooling Neck Gaiter with Earloops for Face and Neck Sun Protection With Superior Ventilation

The ultimate warm weather neck gaiter, the N2 is not only breathable, but it ventilates and cools as you exercise. A combination of fabrics that provide 97% protection to the sensitive skin of your face, and 90% UV protection for your neck, this neck gaiter will go the distance whether you’re running, cycling, or doing any other outdoor activity

Ventilation Mesh

Cut hot UV rays and the risks of skin ailments with NAROO’s ventilation mesh fabric. Through the laws of thermal dynamics, it allows for maximum airflow that effectively ventilates skin and sweat. This makes it comfortable to wear, easy to breathe, and quick-drying in the heat and humidity of summer.

Dependable, Hassle-Free Sun Protection

Whether you’re hiking, golfing, cycling, riding your bike, or working in the garden, be sure to protect the most sensitive areas of your face and neck with the cooling neck gaiter that covers and blocks up to 97% of harmful UV rays and the innovative ventilation mesh fabric that blocks up to 90% of UV rays.

Insect Proof

As much as we enjoy the warm weather, so do the insects. That’s why the ventilation mesh fabric is breathable and ventilated enough to keep us cool and comfortable, but also tightly knit enough to keep those pesky bugs out of our noses and mouths.

Thin, Adjustable, and Lightweight

Ultrathin and lightweight, this cooling neck gaiter weighs almost nothing at all. It combines the mesh’s ventilation and protection against UV rays with the thin, cooling fabric to maintain a comfortable temperature. No matter how long you are out, the comfortable, soft fabric blend enables long wear and easily extended protection. And if it isn’t fitting just right, you can adjust the size to fit your needs.

Soft, Elastic Earloops

When you want to enjoy a long day of outdoor activity, the soft, elastic earlobes of the cooling neck gaiter N2 will enable long, comfortable wear and dependable non-slip protection.

Breathable and Comfortable

A sports mask should be the most breathable mask. At NAROO, our designs achieve breathability in part thanks to the ventilation mesh. The form-fitting, high-quality fabric offers the stretch and comfort you need during a vigorous workout. When working out in hot, stuffy weather, the shape of the mesh fabric maximizes ventilation.

If you’re looking for even lighter, short-fit UV protection, check out the N0U or  N0U Lite.




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